Four Alarm Coffee is proud to partner with Farmer Brothers, the principal supplier of our coffee beans. Farmer Brothers is as deeply committed to the notion of sustainability as we are and is one of the reasons we chose them to be our supplier. Farmer Brothers initiatives range from reducing carbon emissions, lowering or eliminating landfill waste, and preserving and conserving land, among many others.  

We invite you to read their Director of Sustainability's Report by clicking here -

Four Alarm Coffee uses recycled shipping containers as the buildings on our sites.  We do this to consume less energy and use fewer resources during the building process. We also think they make pretty good coffee kiosks!

We use the most environmentally friendly cups money can buy.  They are produced from sustainably-sourced paper and feature a moisture-resistant plant-based Polylactic Acid (PLA) coating designed to prevent leaks. They are free from chlorine and petrochemicals that can be harmful to health and the environment.  Our biodegradable cup lids are eco-friendly too.


Four Alarm coffee is also proud to contribute a portion of our profits to various charitable causes.  If you would like to suggest a charity that we should consider, please contact us.