The idea behind Four Alarm Coffee was born as the founder of the company and his family waited in a long car line at a small coffee kiosk in Oregon in 2016.  When they finally ordered and paid and received their coffee it tasted great!  But the positive experience was diluted by the complete waste of time caused by that queue.  But what if they had been able to order in advance and could simply grab their coffee when they arrived?  Just like that, the journey of this company began.  

It took several years to develop the complex technology behind Four Alarm Coffee, which allows mobile apps on smart phones to talk to computers inside kiosks and GPS satellites in space.  This technology then needed to be married to a great coffee supplier who shared our vision of sustainability, the best Italian espresso machine equipment to provide truly awesome coffee, and a kiosk structure which could make it all flow. When all of this was combined with convenient sites for our customers, the Four Alarm Coffee brand became a reality.  


Our intent is to open clusters of 10-20 Four Alarm Coffee kiosks all over the United States so that almost everyone outside the country's main urban centers has a kiosk near them.  If you believe your community would be a great fit for a Four Alarm Coffee kiosk, please let us know.  We'd love to hear from you!