Can I order or pay at your kiosk window?


In order to provide awesome customer service to every one of our customers, we do not permit any customer to order or pay at the window.  This allows every customer to drive onto our site, get their order and then leave with virtually no wait!


What happens if I have not ordered in advance on the Four Alarm Coffee mobile app and show up at your kiosk? 

We have an area near the kiosk (we call it the penalty box) where customers can download the app, register as a customer and then order from their smart phone.  Quick, simple, and done - and then it's easy to always order in advance.  


Is Four Alarm Coffee committed to sustainability?

Yes!  Not only are our kiosks made from reused shipping containers, but our coffee is sourced from various regions around the world with an emphasis on sustainability.  We ethically purchase all of our beans and responsibly produce all of our coffee and tea products.


Does Four Alarm Coffee contribute to charity?

Yes!  We are committed to donating a portion of our profits to a variety of well-deserving charities and are open to suggestions from our customers as to which charities we should support.  If you would like to suggest a charity that we should consider, please contact us.


Can I obtain a refund for an order I place but do not pick up?

Unfortunately not.  We prepare each order as they are placed and so they are personalized to each customer.


Are customers permitted to go inside the kiosk?

Four Alarm Coffee is a drive-thru only store with no seating inside for customers. 


Will you be opening a Four Alarm Coffee closer to my home?

We hope so!  Our intent is to cluster in geographic areas all around the United States which can support our brand.   So please let us know where you would like us to open.